Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend Photo Project!

I had the urge to do a crafty photo project today with items that I already had around the apartment. There is the blank white wall in our living room that really needed some TLC so, it was my inspiration. In my search for some items to inspire my creation, I found a roll of natural twine.....then my mind went running! I decided to make it simple with only 4 items needed: twine, B&W photos, paper clips, and clear thumb tacks.

Here is the before:

The next step was to decide how to hang the twine. I was torn between having 2 seperate rows or just one piece of twine draped side-to-side twice. The hubbs chimed in with his opinion and this is what we decided on.

The hardest part was deciding what pictures to use. I tried to use mostly family pictures, but a few friends made the cut too! I have this thing for black and white photos so, I printed them all out in B&W. Lastly, paper clip the picture on the twine , and you're DONE!

{hi hubbs}

The hubbs made fun of me for doing this especially since we are move into a new apartment in a month {which we haven't even started looking for yet, whoops}. But I will enjoy looking at it for the next month and maybe we will have a wall in the next place to do this with too.

Anyways, just a little weekend project...I hope you like it!

Have a great week everyone! parents are coming in town this weekend and I am so excited because I haven't seen them since Christmas!

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter Wonderland

I just had to share the beautiful Prospect Park that is 2 blocks from our house! Being from Louisiana, I would have never believed that I would live in a place that looked like this in my life. I have to admit though...I have a love/hate relationship with the snow. It is so pretty right after it snows, but then when it gets all dirty and nasty and slippery I hate it! Here is an example of why I hate it....I started my morning off by slipping on a patch of ice in Manhattan on the way to work and completely busting my a** in front of like 20 people. The best part was no one reacted to it at all. They did not look at me or ask if I was ok or help me up!! Crazy!

Here is why I love the snow....the park in all of its glory!

Have a Happy Friday tomorrow!!

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