Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

So my interview/meeting went well yesterday. I keep calling it a meeting because it was not technically an interview...we were more meeting to discuss possible career paths. When I left his office I felt like our meeting was very positive and that a great things was going to come out of it. Today I have hear from 2 different people that work for the person I met with yesterday, and they wanted to schedule official interviews with me....YEAH!!

Keep me in your thoughts because I really want a job {the hubbs and I really NEED me to get a job}!

**By popular demand, I will be posting tomorrow about my first attempt at homemade cleaning products! Stay tuned!

Happy Blogging!

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Anonymous said...

YAY!! Sending good thoughts your way.

Caitrin said...

Good luck with the interviews! :) And I am looking forward to these homemade cleaning products!