Thursday, July 1, 2010

This hurts my heart

Being that I was born in raised in Southeast Louisiana and lived there up until a year ago, the BP oil spill definitely hits me close to home. Everyday new pictures surface showing the impact that this has made on the economy of the entire Gulf Coast. It is crazy to think that this upcoming month will be 3 months since the rig explosion, and BP has still not found a successful way to cap the oil. More and more oil reaches landfall everyday, and recovery is seeming more difficult as every day passes.

I am not only saddened by the effect that this has had on the animal life in the Gulf and the air above the Gulf, but I am sad and concerned for the people who make their living from the Gulf. Fishing and Shrimping are a HUGE way of life for the people in the Gulf Coast so, much that it is a career for many. How will these people have the money to feed their families?? When will they be able to resume their trade?? When can we enjoy Gulf Coast Shrimp again??

Many people in Louisiana frequent the Alabama and Florida beach throughout the year. I personally visited them every month when we lived in the South. When will we be able to enjoy these beautiful white beaches again?? How will the hotels and economy of these areas survive??

What concerns me even more is the fact that Hurricane is HERE!! With the first tropical storm already affecting the Gulf Coast, how will the people there be protected?? I know that I do not live in Louisiana anymore but my family and my husband's family do!! This year they not only have to worry about hurricanes, they have to worry about how the oil will devastate the area if a hurricane does hit. I was talking to a friend in New Orleans yesterday, and she was telling me that with all of the rain they have been having you can actually smell the oil. CRAZY!!

I guess I just wanted to get out some frustrations out that I have about the oil spill. Louisiana has and always will be MY HOME. I hope that the culture that makes Louisiana so special can be restored so, my children will one day be able to see what a great place it is and all that it has had to overcome!!

Please pray for the people and animals of the Gulf Coast!!

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