Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday-Favorite Purchases Made This Year

When I saw the TOP 2 Tuesday topic over at "The Undomestic Momma" I got really excited and knew exactly what 2 things I wanted to put:

1. My Navy Blue Converse - I have always been an admirer of Converse from afar. Whenever I see people wearing them, I always think that they look so comfortable and cool. I know that it sounds silly to say that a pair of shoes can make someone look cool, but I think Converse do. BUT the thing about these particular shoes is that I never thought that I could pull them off...I just didn't think that I was cool enough. My hubbs finally convinced me to get a pair because he thought they would look cute on me, and now I LOVE them!! They are my favorite pair of shoes...I mostly wear them with jeans and a tee, but sometimes I sport them with a cotton dress. The best part is that they are finally starting to look worn so, they don't look so brand new.

2. My Ikea Bar - When hubbs and I moved to NYC the apartment that we rented actually had more space then our apartment in Austin so, we were very excited to have a dining/bar area! The most exciting part of this was that I knew this meant a trip to Ikea, and I LOVE Ikea. At this point in our life we don't have a lot of money for furnishing and decorating and Ikea really helps us to get a modern, sleek look on an affordable budget! Anyways, I found this bookcase at Ikea and decided that it could use it as a bar instead. I love the way it came out, and I plenty of other ideas for this piece of furniture if we ever want to re-purpose it!!


Katie's Journey said...

I have never owned a pair of Converse sneakers but I really want a pair of red ones. Maybe I will finally do it after the summer!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

great picks!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

I love converse.. and I have that bookcase - never thought of using it as a bar, what a great idea!! :)

Tales of a young mamma said...

You might have just convinced me to get a pair of converse shoes! I have been talking about them Forever but was hesitant. and I looove your book case/bar! What a neat idea.

Caitrin said...

thanks for finding my blog! i am now following yours too! oh and i am pretty sure we have the same ikea bar at our house!

Christina said...

OMG! This is a great idea. Do you mind if I steal it? We have been looking for a bar idea that we could put into our dining room and that is just the look that I was going for.