Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quick DIY Project

So I did a post a while back about redesigning the guest bedroom/office at our apartment, but since I had not been able to get a job since moving here that redesign never happened. Now that I got a job, I am hoping to make that redesign happen sometime this year...but until then I have a quick DIY project that I did for organizational purposes.

My hubbs is a landscape architect so he always has tons of drawing and sketches on his desk so, I decided that I wanted to put some type of cork board on the wall by his desk to give him some where to pin papers up. As you can see that wall is pretty blank right now:

I had an extra frame like the ones hanging over the bed so, instead of just putting cork tiles right on the wall I decided to take advantage of this extra frame. All I had to do to get the frame ready was to move the glass from in front of the matting to behind the matting {since I obviously could not use the glass if I wanted it to be a cork board}. My reasoning for not just taking the glass completely out of the frame was that in case I wanted to use this as a frame again one day, the glass would be right there with it instead of stored somewhere random in the apartment {that I would probably forget about}. After doing this I took out all of my supplies:

Next I just hot glued the cork tile directly onto the matting and.....Voila, you're done! Now all you have to do is hang it on the wall!!

This was such an easy project and I love how all of the frames are consistent since they are on the same wall! Hopefully I will be doing a completely redesign soon since I will be bringing in the $$$!! I pretty much got a job to fund my crafting/decorating hobby!

On a side note, people in our neighborhood leave their "junk" on the sidewalk for others to take {amazing, I know}, and I found this old, glass beer half gallon that really wanted to come home with me. After a quick cleaning and some fresh flowers it was transformed into something beautiful:

I guess it is true that your trash is someone else's treasure. I think I may go sidewalk shopping again this weekend!

Hope you are having a great week!!

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Rebekah said...

I love what you did! I love that bottle with gorgeous hydrangeas in them! People in our neighborhood do that too, but so far I haven't seen anything I want. I'm going to keep looking. That sounds pretty creepy!

Christina said...

I actually got my dining room table from someone's curb. It had been sitting out there for days and the night before garbage night I decided it was either mine or gone. I went with a friend and realized the reason nobody had taken it was because it was solid wood and really really heavy ! I got it home and refinished it and it is my prize possesion now. You can see before and after pics on my blog. It was my best find ever !!!

Sharstin said...

so cute girly--i love all the Ikea frames! and the hydrangeas are so pretty~